Single Bet

SINGLE BET is a betting section from our company website This is section which is suitable for really serious/professional bettors and high rollers who really understand that betting is like every other business and profit that can be made may be incredible if you are serious and disciplined.

The idea here is our professional tipsters of BettorSoccer company to analyze every day all the matches from the daily betting card and choose one SINGLE BET with odd  between 1.70-2.10 odd and big chance of success over 90% according to our stats, information and betting algorithms!

We really guarantee sure profit every single month without excuses, but for that purpose you MUST follow our SINGLE BET every day and just to put the right stake for your bet according to your betting budget and according to the yesterday result - if yesterday we hit a loss you must increase the stake on the next day, if we won previous day next day you just start with your initial bet. For more detailed informations and advices about bank management just feel free to contact us at our company mail address: